Sunday, January 3, 2021

In 2021, are there consequences for being wrong and evil? Or benefit to being decent and right?

Not that this really surprises me, but it's still sickening and infuriating. So Ron Johnson is saying that the votes of more than 1.6 million Wisconsinites are irrelevant, and that because "some (whiny, weak-minded) people have questions", and because those real numbers and legitimate votes from his own constituents gave him a result he didn't like, that we ignore reality?

By that same token, shouldn't we be having hearings determining whether the world is the flat, or discuss "Who is Q", or whether some races are superior to others? After all, some are asking! But you know what Ron Johnson thinks is not worthy of hearings? Whether or not our President worked with other countries to try to spread misinformation and hack our election systems. Because why would the Chair of the Homeland Security Committee actually care about that, right? And why would RoJo want to know more about why it's taking weeks for the USPS to deliver packages in Wisconsin? That's nowhere near as important as getting to the bottom of whether quacks have ideas on "alternative treatments" that can lessen your chances of getting COVID-19!

It's bad enough that garbage like Ron Johnson abuse power, but it's worse that their hairbrained thoughts and obvious coverups are portrayed as legitimate, and allowed to be amplified by "objective" media. This statement by Vox's Matt Yglesias sums up the problem. This has become one of the worst aspects of this awful last decade. The media gives more access (and therefore legitimacy) to shameless scum than in people who do things honestly and correctly. This has given a significant advantage to right-wingers, as any airtime given to their BS means that "it's out there", and allows them to frame the discussions and smear their opponents accordingly. I have been seething and more aggravated than normal with this GOP kabuki/soft coup that is trying to overturn an election that Joe Biden won convincingly. Much of this is because there is no punishment for lying to the public, and no benefit to telling the truth. The GOPs that "challenge" this election won't be booted for office, or sued for lying about events. Instead, the seamiest and most outrageous GOPs are getting airtime and campaign donations, and grifting lowlifes like Kraken Lady and Lin Wood don't get disbarred for their absurd claims and wasteful lawsuits.

If you drill down to what Republicans are saying, it is that they don't think that the thoughts and votes of other people are as important as the thoughts and votes of their group of people. And their claim of "fraud" is really wishful thinking, because they don't want to admit that the clear majority of the country doesn't buy into what they beLIEve, and they don't want to have to adjust and work to get public opinion on their side.

So instead, these weaklings rely on media and "reports" that make them feel better, and feel like they're right. Well, here's my thought about those feelings.
On the flip side, where's the benefit to telling the truth and being proper? Dems don't seem to get rewarded at the ballot box for being right on policy, nor do they get votes by being "the adult in the room" that allows government to continue to run smoothly.

I have a job and bills to pay, so it's not really worth it for me to harrass and humiliate GOP scumbags about their bad behavior. Kind of like how trailer trash have lobbed threats and camped out on the lawns of Dem politicians for....speaking honestly and doing their jobs?

When I see GOPs get rewarded for being lowlifes, while Dems have to act 5 times better just to be heard, it makes my mind go to dark places. Because it seems like shamelessness is what gets you ahead, and putting your head down, giving honest solutions, and doing a good job is ignored. It seems like the only way to break through is to be as bad as the other guys, and the only way that Republicans will stop being scum is to make them feel pain in some fashion - whether through loss of status, money, or health.

In 2021, Dems have to play hardball, and have to ignore past custom of propriety. The smugness of DC Dems, which uses a West Wing-Obama mentality of "going high" as a central method of operations, allows Republicans to get worse and worse. And this country continues to slide away from what used to be a functional democracy that worked to solve real problems.

Hardball may not bring us closer together, or be a long-term governing solution. But dammit, Dems and state/federal prosecutors have been given the power to take the hammer of the law and the Constitution to these whiny, dishonest jerks, along with unleashing a public barrage that summarizes what so many of us are feeling. SO DO IT.

DC Dems should understand how cathartic it would be to refuse to seat the seditious GOP Congress members who refuse to accept the results of the elections, or to publicly dress down these GOP thugs for lying and for calling Dem voters second-class citizens. And how much we would cheer if prosecutors would file charges against lawbreakers and seditionists, even if the GOPs whp are charged (and their paymasters) drag out proceedings in court.

Because if the power that is available is not used, and these fascist, racist liars are not stamped down on, as well as the AM Radio and Faux News outlets that give those liars a megaphone, things will get even worse. And no one will be immune from the rage that so many of us in the Silenced, Decent Majority feel toward the elites that continue to allow things to get worse, without feeling the consequences for letting it happen.

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