Monday, February 25, 2019

A few questions Walker won't answer on 1130

I see our fair ex-Governor is paying back Hate Talk 1130 for all their years of support by sitting in for the stroked-out Mark Belling a couple of days this week.

I'm guessing this will be much like other "public" appearances for Scott Walker - a lot of scripted, cherry-picked BS comment and no ability for the everyday person to show up and ask any real questions.I won't waste a minute of time to listen to Scotty's crap, mostly because there's nothing interesting that Governor Dropout would ever say.

But if we did have an ex-Governor that would operate on the level, here are a few of the questions I would have liked to have heard.

"Hey Scotty- If your reforms made us "open for business", why do you think Wisconsin has had 29 straight quarters in the bottom half of job growth in the US?"

"Hey Scotty- Why did Minnesota add 80,000 more jobs and 180,000 more people than Wisconsin during your 8 years?"

"Hey Scotty- Why were the jobs numbers from your Department of Workforce Development constantly revised down when subjected to the "gold standard" Quarterly Census on Employment and Wages? Including a misfire of nearly 20,000 jobs right before the election?"

"Hey Scotty- With a record number of dairy farms closing in Wisconsin, do you think you needed a better policy than "Eat more cheese!"

"Hey Scotty- Do you think it was worth it to give away over $1 billion to manufacturers in a tax cut, when Wisconsin still has the worst manufacturing wages in the Midwest, and trails most of our neighbors for jobs in manufacturing?"

"Hey Scotty- What made you think Terry Gou at Foxconn would actually deliver the jobs and products he claimed he would when you and WEDC cooked up the deal on the back of a cocktail napkin?"

"Hey Scotty- If adding money to K-12 education doesn't improve outcomes, why have you more than doubled the amount of tax dollars going to voucher schools, and why did you desperately add so much money to K-12 before the election?"

"Hey Scotty- You refused to raise state vehicle registration fees to fix our roads, but allowed local wheel taxes to go up by $13.6 million between 2011 and 2017. Why didn't you try to prevent that?"

"Hey Scotty- When you send over $1 billion state tax dollars a year to replace property taxes, do you call that a tax cut, or a shell game?"

"Hey Scotty- Why did you pick a homophobic bigot like Brian Hagedorn to be your personal lawyer, and why did you appoint him to the Court of Appeals?"

"Hey Scotty- Do you think money-laundering is free speech, like the Wisconsin Supreme Court claimed to let you off the hook in John Doe?"

"Hey Scotty, what do you think about the GOP's committing ekection fraud with absentee ballots in NC-9? You'd never do that kind of thing in Wisconsin, would you?"

"Hey Scotty, any thoughts for your friend Maria Butina as she heads to court on Tuesday?"

And lastly-

"Hey Scotty- How often would you give talking points to the hosts on AM 1130 to fuel racism and resentment as a way of stirring up the rubes who listen to this trash-hole of a station?"

"Hey Scotty- Do you think it impresses people when you share what you ate this afternoon, or when you tweet-storm absurdities about national issues?

"Hey Scotty- Did you ever come up with an idea of your own that wasn't based on a poll?"

"Hey Scotty- What schemes were you planning to surprise is with if this state would have been stupid enough to re-elect you in 2018?"

"Hey Scotty- What did you think when you saw your old hometown of Wauwatosa vote overwhelmingly for Tony Evers last November?"

"Hey Scotty- Aren't you secretly happy that you got booted out of office before this state completely collapsed due to your negligence, and that Evers has to spend years cleaning up your mess?"


  1. During a long, slow drive home last night because of bad weather, my curiosity got the better of me and I tuned in for just over an hour. I estimate that fully half of that hour (at least) was taken up by commercials, newsbreaks, and traffic reports. When Walker was on the air, he spent most of the time reading newspaper articles verbatim and then offering up his opinions on them.

    I counted a total of five callers in that hour, if you include the call from his “good friend” Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. They had a great time kissing Trump’s butt.

    Finally, just as I was pulling into my garage, I was rewarded with the best call of all, a man (of course) from either Oconomowoc or Pewaukee (of course). I just heard the beginning before shutting off my car, but I got a nice chuckle...

    CALLER: “It’s great to hear you on WISN! I’d rather be hearing you from the Governor’s office in Madison, though.”

    WALKER: (forcing a weak laugh) “Yeah, me too.”

    1. So, Walker's puppet masters have decided to make him dance and babble on the AM airwaves, but remain unaware, given the paucity of carefully screened callers, that the majority of Wisconsinites are glad to see the back of him. What a failed attempt to create a human being...

    2. Yep, as usual it's a fake world constructed to insulate Scotty from reality. The rubes are also beong insulated, which is why they listen to Hate Radio 1130 in the first place.

      "Failed attempt at a human being", indeed. But ads we say yesterday in Congress, the scum rises to the top on today's GOP.