Saturday, February 9, 2019

Taxpayer-funded graft and abusive behavior. A WisGOP hallmark

The "fiscal conservatives" of today's Wisconsin GOP strike again.
Republican lawmakers are charging taxpayers nearly twice as much an hour as Democratic Gov. Tony Evers in the legal fight over Wisconsin's lame-duck laws.

Taxpayers will pay the lead attorney for lawmakers $500 an hour, according to contracts released Friday under the state's open records law. The law firm Evers has hired is charging taxpayers $275 an hour.

The deals Evers cut are capped at $100,000, though that limit could be raised if the litigation is extensive. There are no caps on how much attorneys for the Republicans can charge.
Vile enough, especially since the gerrymandered GOP Legislature also is shelling out $840,000 on another no-bid legal contract to defend their sketchy-at-best redistricting. But then there was this comment in the Journal-Sentinel's story.
Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau defended how Republicans structured their contracts.

“We didn’t pick this fight, but we will defend the rights of the Legislature against the liberal activists bringing these suits," Fitzgerald said in a statement. "Legal representation wouldn’t be necessary at all if Governor Evers would have his allies drop these legal actions."
ARE YOU SHITTING ME, FITZ? The only people who "picked this fight" were you and the rest of your Republic-scum, by rushing through your Power Grab to tie Evers' hands before he took office.

Evers was elected with the idea that he would have certain powers and abilities to affect policy, and it was Republi-thugs like Fitz who decided to change these powers and procedures to rig things to their advantage. Even after voters rejected them statewide.

It's also a disgusting statement because it continues a trend of Republicans who make the statements of abusers.

"Why are you complaining that we acted poorly?"

"It's your fault that there's a problem due to our actions. Why don't you accept what we did?"

"I don't care that you want to act in your interest. Only we get to use our power and taxpayer funds to advance our own interests."

What a bunch of disgusting, selfish lowlives. But it's far from the first time that Fitz has let the mask slip on the real reasons and motivations for WisGOP policies.

If only Fitz was as much as an unemployed joke in 2019 as Megyn Kelly.

They rig, they gaslight, and they steal taxpayers' dollars for their own selfish reasons thay do nothing to improve the state. And the only way WISGOP will stop doing scummy things like this is if they are fought and exposes at every step, blown,out of power, and kept out of power.

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  1. And the Journal-Sentinel, as well as the WTMJ "news" department, would never challenge the bullshit that dribbles from the mouths of Fitzgerald, Vos, and their bought-and-paid-for cronies, never actually call a lie a lie.